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Investing in Andorra

Why live and invest in Andorra?

  1. As a tax resident the maximum tax payable is 10% per year
    • Tax on salaries between 0% and 10%.
    • Tax on company profits between 2% and 10%
    • Capital gains tax on financial products between 0% and 5%
  2. It is logistically well located
    • It is logistically well located
  3. Andorra, like SWITZERLAND, is not a member of the European Union but is in Europe.
    • Agreements with Spain, France, Portugal, the United Arab Emirates and other countries that allow for easy international trade without belonging to the EU.
  4. It also offers
    • The tranquillity of living in a country surrounded by nature
    • A quiet life, with a high level of security
    • It is an international country where Spanish, French and Catalan must be spoken

How can we help you?

We attend to the different needs that may arise, always protecting the interests of our clients:

  • Audits of Accounts
  • Fiscal Advice
  • Consultancy
    • Asset Management
    • M&A Mergers and acquisitions
    • Corporate, HR and financial strategy
    • Search for potential investments
    • Start-ups and company launches
    • Legal consultancy
    • Introduction to international business/networking networks.
  • Residence and immigrations: companies, foundations and individuals
    • Licensing of commercial operations
    • Obtaining personal residence