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Expatriate Management
If your business evolves and is committed to the expatriation of employees, you must have an efficient and effective team in this area to deal with the complexity of the procedures you need.


With the internalisation of companies, the mobility of employees is becoming more and more common, which entails a series of highly complex procedures and formalities. In addition to the control and management of procedures, expatriation is a process that requires commitment on the part of both the employee who is moving and the parent company.

The aim is to ensure that the employee adapts to the country of destination at all levels, and to do so in the shortest possible time. Therefore, both the company and the employee need a team that offers quality global expatriation support, covering all legal, administrative and management needs.

Why contract Expatriate Management Services with Kreston Iberaudit?

  • Reduced economic impact for both the company and the employee.
  • Tailor-made planning, management and implementation of the rights and obligations in force.
  • Comprehensive travel management, including the necessary formalities with the respective public administrations.
  • Peace of mind for the employee, his or her family and the company, thanks to a team that integrates all legal, administrative and service procedures (ExpatlandSIT Spain & Kreston Global).
Servicios Expatriados


Expatriate tax management
A tax department specialized in expatriation is needed to carry out all the actions of design and development of remuneration policies, tax calculations and tax estimates.
  • Tax planning
  • Tax residency studies
  • Analysis of double taxation avoidance treaties
  • Personal income tax, non-resident income tax and wealth tax declarations.
  • Follow-up of tax returns, appeals, inspections...
Expatriate labor management
The mobility of an employee requires extra human resources management since this new job implies new working conditions, adaptation to the country of origin, communication with the employee, etc.
  • Study of labor implications
  • Determination of the legal framework
  • Work permit
  • Payroll management
  • Etc...
Social Security management for expatriates
Depending on the situation of each posting, the employee may or may not be subject to the social security regulations and legislation of the country of destination, i.e. the country in which they reside.
  • Analysis of EU regulations or international treaties
  • Application of international conventions in force
  • Etc...
Legal advice for expatriates
It is essential to get the right advice on the international commercial, labor and tax legal framework. In this way, situations that may hold back the employee's labor productivity are avoided.
An expatriation requires both formalities directly related to the work environment and what is necessary to adequately perform the activity, as well as procedures and information to access a proper quality of life for the worker and his family.
  • Visas
  • Residence Permit
  • Obtaining of NIE- EU Certificate
  • Search for housing
  • Search for schools, institutes, universities
  • Orientation of areas adapted to each need
  • Driving license
  • Assistance in the installation of supplies and local registers
  • Domestic service assistance
  • Vehicle registration
  • Etc...