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We are representatives in Spain, Portugal, and Andorra for Kreston Global, a worldwide audit and consulting network that offers quality services through 160 firms in more than 115 countries and a team of 25,000 highly qualified professionals. Kreston Global is ranked 13th among the leading accounting firms worldwide

KRESTON Iberaudit, as a member of the Kreston Global network, offers its clients specialised international advice, with the guarantee of worldwide quality coverage based on the local expertise of all members of the network. The close collaboration between Kreston’s professional members adds a personalised dimension to our international services and allows us to offer our clients an optimal service in the different foreign markets.

In the current economic climate, with the rapid development of new markets, new forms of communication and increased international mobility, businesses now operate within new global schemes. Whether you are starting operations abroad or your company is entering the Spanish market, you can count on KRESTON Iberaudit and the backing of our quality and international coverage to ensure the success of your business.

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Kreston Global is a member of the Forum of Firms (FOF), an international association of the 22 leading global audit networks that perform audits of financial statements that can be used across national boundaries.

The Forum of Firms operates through the Transnational Committee of IFAC (International Federation of Accountants), the leading global auditing organisation with a presence in 125 countries, which works to protect the public interest by promoting high quality practices by auditors.

Forum of Firms gives the Kreston international network a globally recognised quality credential that provides a competitive differentiator, both internationally and nationally.


We are registered in the Public Company Accounting Oversigt Board, based in Washington and New York.

PCAOB is a private not-for-profit corporation that aims to supervise business audits in the United States, protect the interests of investors and promote independent auditing reports. It has 2.500 registered firms worldwide, only eighteen of which are in Spain.


Desk Polonia

International cooperation is an important part of our business activities. Due to globalisation and the increasing importance of foreign investments, we have created a team of specialists who support entrepreneurs who want to operate in Poland.

Desk Polonia