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Legal Advice

Faced with any business problem or obstacle, you need legal advice capable of understanding the daily problems that allow you to provide solutions in any area, agile, committed and professional for your company.


The success of any business depends on a myriad of factors: from a detailed business plan to an innate ability to lead and manage it efficiently. However, any of these critical points in a company’s journey can fail without quality advice from advisors who can provide solutions to your interests.


We have a multidisciplinary team with a 360º approach and extensive experience of both national and international clients and matters in the different legal, tax and financial areas, which allows us to provide services in any situation or project with the agility required in today’s globalised market.

Legal Services


Legal Consultancy
Recurrent commercial advice
From the birth of a business, we accompany its founders in aspects as common as the drafting of a commercial contract of incorporation, legal, labour and tax implications of partners and administrators, the drafting of the clauses of the articles of association appropriate to the partners and their business, partners' agreements, syndication agreements, drafting of contracts with third parties of the company, opening of bank accounts and financing, family protocols, etc. The presence of a commercial advisor is essential for day-to-day business.
Commercial. Corporate and transactions
It helps you to make the right decisions and assists you with advice on your company, investment projects, corporate strategy, restructurings and in any other area related to the operation of the company.
  • Corporate law
  • M&A and private equity transactions
  • Contract law (joint ventures, distribution, agency, services,
  • etc.).
  • Incorporation and advice on companies and investment vehicles
  • associated with the activity to be developed.
  • Extra-statutory shareholders' agreements.
  • Corporate restructuring (mergers, demergers, spin-offs,
  • segregation, exchange of securities, etc.).
  • Secretaries of the Board of Directors
  • Legal due diligence
  • Foundations and associations
  • Corporate conflicts
  • Challenging corporate resolutions
Procedural and Civil
We offer comprehensive legal advice and civil litigation services.
  • Advice and procedural representation in civil proceedings
  • Enforcement of guarantees
  • Foreclosure of mortgages
  • Debt recovery proceedings
  • Civil due diligence
  • Inheritance and succession law
  • Arbitration
Real estate
We provide specialised advice focused on protecting and maintaining the interests of our domestic and international clients in real estate investment and management.
  • Legal, tax and financial advice on domestic and international investments
  • Real estate and hotel assets
  • International and domestic real estate and hotel tax planning
  • Acquisitions of real estate and/or hotel companies
  • Sale and acquisition of real estate/distressed assets/debt portfolios
  • Real estate due diligence
  • Construction contracts and project management
Banking and finance law
Through a series of legal assistance and guidance services in different financial and banking operations, always safeguarding the interests of our clients.
  • Advising on the contracting of products, services and bank financing
  • Financing and debt refinancing agreements
  • Sale and acquisition of credit portfolios
  • Financial due diligence
  • Preference shares
  • Invalid mortgage clauses
Labour relations are currently one of the keys to the success of companies, and therefore their management must have a correct strategy in order to be as efficient as possible. Our experience in this legal area allows us to provide tailor-made advice and solutions in any individual or collective conflict.
  • Advice on Recruitment
  • Senior Management
  • Employment regulation files
  • Social Security
  • Labour due diligence
  • Litigation
Economic Criminal
This area of law focuses on criminal conduct of an economic nature that may occur within a company. We offer the best strategies for our clients, guaranteeing their maximum protection.
  • Accusation/defence before the criminal courts
  • Suspension of execution of sentences, substitutions and pardons
  • Criminal prevention plans
At Kreston Iberaudit we have extensive experience in Bankruptcy Law, offering advice and help both to debtors going through a crisis situation and to creditors who may be affected by the insolvency of their clients. Our services include:
  • Presentation of the demand for bankruptcy and defense of the debtor in the bankruptcy procedure
  • Representation of the debtor before the bankruptcy administration
  • Representation and defense of the creditor in the bankruptcy
  • Credit rating
  • Negotiation of agreement proposals
  • Restructuring plans
  • Negotiation with creditors