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Tax Service
Having the support, experience and knowledge of a tax advisory team makes it easier and easier to comply with regular tax obligations.


Having tax planning adapted to current legislation can reduce the tax burden in all taxes, thus guaranteeing the economic solvency of a business and providing it with opportunities for future growth.

At Kreston Iberaudit we offer a complete tax and fiscal advisory service with the objective of due compliance. Regardless of the nature of your business, whether it is an SME or a large company, national or international, you will get a complete service tailored to your needs and those of your company.


  • Optimisation of time and resources in routine procedures.
  • Knowledge and experience from an international team focused on one goal: improving your company’s performance.
  • Security and peace of mind in the correct filing of tax documents.
  • Daily advice not only on routine procedures, but also on situations and problems that arise from time to time.
Fiscal Service


Tax advice for companies
Tax planning, advice and declarations
The day-to-day running of a company is made up of numerous obligations that need to be properly taken care of: from tax declarations to calculating the personal income tax of your employees. These are routine activities, but they are clearly instrumental in nature.
Tax saving schemes for individuals or companies
We seek to be efficient for you and your business, so we take care of the most routine tasks, which are required by law and need some attention to avoid making any mistakes. This way you only have to worry about one thing: growing your business.
Tax inspections and reviews
Having a tax advisor during a tax audit can make the difference between peace of mind and taking the consequences for infractions that could have been avoided in the first place. Trust a tax advisory team like Kreston Iberaudit.
Detection of possible incidences due to new regulations
Ensure the viability of your business as soon as possible through effective and efficient tax advice in the face of these new measures that directly affect you and that require changes and adaptations that you will have to implement in the best possible way.
Fiscal consolidation
Belonging to a consolidated group of companies to meet tax obligations offers benefits not only to small and medium-sized companies, but also to large companies.
International taxation
Moving forward with your business may require international expansion, and with it certain tax obligations that you will have to deal with in order to safeguard the economic stability of your company. We will advise you in detail.
Studies of alternatives and solutions to specific fiscal problems
Accounting and tax difficulties can trigger economic instability in your company and directly affect its performance. When faced with specific tax problems, we look for the best solution, adapting to the current situation of your business.
Selection of optimal international tax schemes
Move forward with confidence and peace of mind knowing that an advisor will guide you on the most important points about taxation in the country/countries where your company has a great business opportunity. Planning is everything.
Appeals and litigation
Conflicts are usually part of any company; at any given moment, an undesired situation may arise that threatens the smooth running of the business. It is a priority not only to know how to deal with it, but also to know all the options available to reduce possible damage as much as possible.
Precios de transferencias
You need to understand your business needs in order to set transfer prices in line with them and the way you want to go. You need a global vision and experience.