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Business consultancy and advice for those businesses that need to optimise their time and resources when solving problems in specific areas.

Consultancy for companies

Specific knowledge together with the necessary advice, provide companies with the necessary tools not only to master situations and offer a faster response but also to grow and develop in their competitive environment. The main objective as consultants will be to identify the limits of your business and redefine them, thus improving processes, methodologies and actions in view of a forthcoming evolution.

Powering your business

The need for change and business development is essential if the goal is to achieve success. Get an expansion of your business and an improvement in management through our consultants specialised in different areas, with the guarantee of the experience and empathy that Kreston Iberaudit can offer you.

Consultancy Services


Business consultancy
Corporate financial consultancy
The past, present and future of a company must be taken into account in order to implement a viable and useful financial strategy for growth opportunities. We analyse the needs to obtain financial resources and the best way to do so.
  • Interim management
  • Viability Plans
  • Seeking financial resources and optimising the financial structure
  • Cash-management
  • Analysis of the financial team's capabilities
  • Board and shareholder support
  • Project financing
  • Independent advice to Investment Committees, Boards of Directors and shareholders.
  • Management and shareholders
Corporate operations
Making the right decision can determine the future of a company. Lean on professionals to guide you in planning and executing new opportunities to grow your business.
  • Execution of Sale or Purchase Mandate
  • Business or equity valuations
  • Business Plan Analysis
  • Assistance in the search for industrial or financial partners
  • Conducting Due Diligence
  • Data Room Services
Valuation of companies and businesses
The objective view of a consultant provides a useful tool to analyse strategic points that are crucial in the optimal development of a business development approach. Rely on experience and expertise.
  • Valuation of companies, assets or businesses
  • Independent expert reports
  • Elaboration of Business Plans
  • Independent Business Review
Financial restructuring
A financial system requires changes that respond to new business needs. Not only for its solvency, but also to obtain higher profits through extraordinary measures.
  • Treasury plans and projections
  • Identification of financing needs
  • Re-financing structures
  • Negotiating and seeking private and public financing
Operational restructuring
A well-functioning business is one that identifies weaknesses and exploits opportunities in its management. This provides a direct optimisation in the use of resources.
  • Optimisation of equipment and business resources
  • Definition of work processes
  • Implementation of internal control measures