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Ramón Cabeza
Legal area. Partner of Palma de Mallorca.

Ramón Cabeza

Collaborator at Kreston Iberaudit Palma de Mallorca. Managing Partner of the Labor and HR Department at the Balearic Islands office. Licensed Social Graduate, Postgraduate in labor procedural matters, and responsible for consultancy in Labor Law, Social Security, and Human Resources. Specialized in sociolabor audit, special labor relations (senior management and artists), and in the legal field of retirement pensions.


  • Strategic advisor in Human Resources incidents.
  • Expert in procedural law within the Spanish labor legal framework.
  • Specialist in Affiliation, Contribution, and Collection in the Spanish Social Security System.
  • Advisor on benefits and pensions within the Spanish Social Security System.
  • Expert in processing, management, and negotiation of collective dismissal procedures. Advisor to companies facing difficulties.
  • Labor auditor. Due Diligence processing in HR.
  • Technical expert in economic and fiscal management of Human Resources.
  • Specialized in international relocations in the labor and Social Security fields.

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