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Participation in the Kreston Iberoamerica Conference, Costa Rica

6 May 2016

Kreston Iberoamerica has organized its annual conference in Costa Rica with the presentation of Mercè Martí, CEO at IBERAUDIT Kreston: “If you are not in the social networks, you do not exist. IBERAUDIT Kreston strategy” in the Kreston Iberoamerica Conference. Elena Ramírez, Responsible for the international relations at IBERAUDIT Kreston, presented the conference “Iberoamérica: 2015 Progress and Proposals for 2016”.

Kreston CEO, Jon Lisby commented “Whilst a number of the economies in Latin America are currently facing economic challenge, we see continued opportunities for inbound investment and our member firms are well placed to deliver the complete range of compliance and advisory services”.


Kreston Iberaudit agreement with Gedpro and Eurosubvenciones for the management of European funds

To alleviate the effects that the pandemic is having on companies, the European Union approved the well-known Next Generation EU plan, funds for recovery that in our country reach a budget of 140,000 million euros over three years, of which 72,000 million euros would be [...]
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Kreston Iberaudit Portugal audits Sporting de Lisboa

Kreston Iberaudit Portugal office carried out the high profile audit of the voting process of the General Meeting of Partners of the Sporting de Lisboa on 23rd of June, because of the dismissal of the members of the management organ of the club.
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Mercè Martí, first woman awarded with the “Professional Career” Award of the Catalan Association of Accounting and Management (ACCID)

The Catalan Association of Accounting and Management, ACCID, has announced that Mercè Martí, CEO and Chairwoman at Kreston Iberaudit and president of Grupo20 Association, has been awarded with the ACCID “Professional Career” Award, during the V ACCID and APC conference. Futbol Club Barcelona is among [...]
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