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Kreston Iberaudit agreement with Gedpro and Eurosubvenciones for the management of European funds

19 April 2022

To alleviate the effects that the pandemic is having on companies, the European Union approved the well-known Next Generation EU plan, funds for recovery that in our country reach a budget of 140,000 million euros over three years, of which 72,000 million euros would be non-refundable.

Is not easy to access these funds and, for that reason, there are companies specialized in the search for the most appropriate subsidy for each company, depending on their characteristics, the sector in which they operate and their projects.

That is why Kreston Iberaudit has signed an agreement with the companies Gedpro and Eurosubvenciones, both companies consolidated in the global management of aid for investment, research and development, energy, and environment projects; and that have experience with clients from different sectors.

This new partnership is a new opportunity for Kreston to continue offering its customers quality service and continue to grow.

What does the deal bring to Kreston?

Both Gedpro and Eurosubvenciones (also both as “Partners“) are independent companies with extensive experience and expertise in providing their own services to companies of all sizes and in different locations. In addition, each of them has a highly qualified multidisciplinary team with experience in the technical and economic advice of different types of projects:

  • Research, development, and technological innovation (R+D+i).
  • Industrial investment.
  • Energy efficiency / Renewable energies.
  • Environment / Circular Economy.
  • Digitalization.
  • Creation of occupation.

This specialization is an added value for the management of European funds since these are focused on business recovery with a view to a sustainable and digital future.

Our Partners will contribute their knowledge to help companies access aid lines from the different public administrations, with a transparent and confidential service.

They are experts in R&D&I deductions, SS and PI bonuses or certification and management, among other areas, and agree with Kreston that they are an organization with a clear vocation for customer service, with the aim of providing other companies with maximum profitability.

Therefore, the agreement with the Partners will allow Kreston to generate new synergies, opportunities, and value for present and future clients, improving our positioning in advising companies and expanding the chances of success of those who trust in our services.

Kreston will provide more solutions for companies

At Kreston we are committed to trying to achieve the viability and continuity of the businesses that rely on our audit, consulting, tax, legal, and outsourcing services.

Our main objective is to lead these companies to business success, being benchmarks in their sectors.

And now we add a new specialized service with the indicated strategic agreement, helping them to access funds that can be key to their development and for their adaptation to the new times.

In this way, we can give them the tools and resources they need to continue growing for the future. And, as usual in Kreston, we can do it in a personalized way and with the guarantee of the experience of our Partners.


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